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Veterinary Testing

Reliable and accurate results for veterinary testing

Randox reagents are of the highest quality and produce accurate and precise results.  Randox has considerable experience in the veterinary market and offers a broad range of tests for veterinary laboratories. 

Not only do we supply the best available reagents, we also offer quality controls suited to veterinary laboratories due to the inclusion of parameters such as NEFA, Bile Acids, Lactate and D3-hydroxybuterate.  We are the only company to supply these parameters in a multisera chemistry control

Randox reagents are suitable for both manual and automated testing.

Our range of over 100 reagents includes

Most veterinary medicines were originally introduced to improve animal health, however drug residues in food can have potentially harmful effects in humans. Randox have developed a range of sensitive, reliable and cost-effective ELISA kits for the detection of drug residues in tissue, serum, urine and honey. In addition, Randox produce a range of drug residue biochips for multi-analyte screening of anti-microbials and growth promoters.


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