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Urine Quality Controls

Urine Quality Controls

Please select a product from the list of urine quality controls below.

Assayed Urine Control

Assayed control covering 24 urine chemistry parameters including catechcholamines and urinary proteins.

Unassayed Urine Control

Unassayed Urine Control is designed for use in the routine monitoring of 12 common urine chemistry parameters.

Liquid Urinalysis Control

Liquid ready-to-use control with assayed instrument and method specific target values and ranges provided for 18 commonly tested urine chemistry parameters.

Liquid Urine Control

Liquid ready-to-use urinalysis control with assayed ranges provided for 13 parameters. Available in 12ml vials or convenient 25ml dropper bottles.

Microalbumin Control

Liquid ready-to-use Microalbumin control supplied in convenient bi-level pack.

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