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Interlaboratory Data Management

Interlaboratory Data Management - Acusera 24.7

Acusera 24.7 is an interlaboratory data management programme designed to complement and support the Acusera range of internal quality controls.

Randox offer two separate solutions for participation in Acusera 24.7:

Both solutions enable laboratories to monitor analytical performance, interpret QC results, access peer group reports and compare results with other laboratories using the same quality controls and often the same method and instrument.

Why participate in a peer group reporting programme like Acusera 24.7?

The new Acusera 24.7 Live Online offers the following key benefits:

Peer group data uniquely updated every 24 hours

Web based meaning no installation required

Exceptional connectivity

Simple and intuitive user interface

Fully interactive Levey-Jennings and Histogram charts

Comprehensive Reports


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