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Other Lipids

The lipid profile is a group of tests used in conjunction with other risk factors to assess an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Randox manufacture the widest range of lipid tests including many unique tests compared to any other manufacturer. Such a comprehensive test menu benefits the customer enabling them to purchase all reagents from a single supplier.

Total Cholesterol

Total cholesterol measures cholesterol in all lipoprotein sub-classes to assess a patient’s overall cholesterollevels. Randox total cholesterol kits are liquid ready-to-use Trinder-based (CHOD-PAP) colorimetric end-point assays suitable for the accurate measurement of total cholesterol in serum and plasma.

HDL & LDL Cholesterol

Both our HDL and LDL assays utilise unique clearance technology to specifically and accurately measure HDL and LDL. As a result we compare favourably to the ultracentrifugation reference method, with not just normal samples but more importantly abnormal samples were the levels of triglycerides and bilirubin are high.


Randox triglycerides kits are available in both lyophilised and liquid ready-to-use rapid Trinder-based (GPO-PAP) colorimetric end-point assays for the accurate determination of triglycerides in serum and plasma.

Lp (a)

Our highly successful Lipoprotein (a) test is the only method in the world to accurately and reliably measure Lp(a), it is not affected by Apo (a) size related bias like most other methods.


Small LDL is the smaller fraction of the LDL group of lipoproteins and represents a major risk factor for heart disease as molecules can penetrate the arterial wall more readily. No other manufacturer can supply a direct liquid assay for s LDL. Furthermore the Randox test will save laboratories time and resources and still achieve rapid, reliable results.

Apolipoproteins A-1, B, A-II, C-II, C-III and E

Very few manufacturers can provide the full range of apolipoprotein tests that Randox do. Apo A-1 and B are often used in the routine diagnostic environment whilst Apo A-II, C-II, C-III and E for more research orientated markets. The other apolipoproteins are however increasingly being run in more specialised and progressive laboratory sites.


Randox are one of only two manufacturers to supply a kit for the detection of non esterified fatty acids. Although not a routinely run test NEFA still plays an important role in metabolic diseases.

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