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Randox Quality Controls

Liquid Quality Control

The Acusera range of quality control materials covers over 350 routine and specialised parameters allowing for effective consolidation, increased choice and greater flexibility.

Our complete range of liquid quality controls offers laboratories both convenience and ease of use without compromising on high quality or performance. By eliminating the need for reconstitution laboratories can minimise the risk of pipetting errors while significantly reducing time and costs.

The liquid ready-to-use formulation and convenient 2-8°C storage of many controls makes them ideal for Point-of-Care testing and satellite sites where instruments may be operated by non laboratorians.

No compromise on quality

Controls available

Liquid Chemistry Premium

Liquid chemistry control covering 92 parameters in total including cardiac markers, proteins, immunoassay parameters, lipids, therapeutic drugs and electrophoresis.

Liquid Chemistry Premium Plus

Comprehensive chemistry control covering over 100 parameters including; routine chemistries, immunoassays, lipids, cardiac markers, proteins, therapeutic drugs and electrophoresis.

Liquid Immunoassay Premium

Convenient to use, liquid control with assayed instrument specific values provided for 44 parameters including a wide range of hormones and therapeutic drugs.

Liquid Tumour Marker Control

Convenient, liquid ready-to-use control with assayed, instrument specific target values and ranges provided for 15 routine and esoteric tumour markers.

Specific Protein Control

Assayed, liquid ready-to-use control covering 27 serum proteins including immunoglobulins, complement proteins and inflammatory proteins.

CRP Control

Dedicated, liquid ready-to-use CRP control designed to monitor the performance of traditional CRP assays.

Liquid Urine Control

A liquid ready-to-use control with assayed instrument and method specific targets and ranges for 18 parameters.


Liquid ready-to-use urinalysis control with assayed ranges provided for 13 parameters. Available in 12ml vials or convenient 25ml dropper bottles.

Liquid Cardiac Control

Highly convenient, liquid ready-to-use cardiac control ideal for use in clinical laboratories and at the point-of-care. Method and instrument specific target values are provided for an impressive 9 cardiac markers enabling flexibility and consolidation.

Blood Gas Control

Liquid ready-to-use Blood Gas Control with assayed target values for ten parameters covering pH, pCO2, pO2, electrolytes, glucose and lactate.

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