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Customized Quality Controls

Customized Quality Controls

Please select a product from the list of customized quality controls below.

For nearly 30 years laboratories, EQA scheme organisers and other diagnostic companies have looked to Randox to provide their QC needs. In addition toour 'off the shelf' quality control products, Randox is the world's leading provider of customised control materials.

A customised control can involve the addition of new analytes, removal of unused parameters, the specification of analyte concentrations or alterative vial sizes.

Our principal control products are:

Quality is our main focus during the manufacturing process. All control products are produced to the same high specifications using procedurescomplying with ISO13485 medical devices. State of the art clinical chemistry and immunoassay analysers are used during the manufacturing and qualitycontrol process.

To enable us to identify and fulfil your needs, please discuss your requirements with your Randox representative, we are happy to consider any requirements you may have. Randox have nearly 30 years experience in producing customised sera and will ensure you receive the specified product in a professional and timely manner.


Randox will significantly consolidate your existing controls. An average laboratory may rationalise from 7 different control products to a singlecontrol product.

Tailor Made

Specify the analytes and levels you require. We can provide levels tailored to your cut off levels.


Many of our controls are stable for up to 4 years meaning you can use the same lot of control over an extended period of time.


Customised controls are available in different matrices e.g. serum and urine


Randox can provide a wide range of vial sizes from 1ml to 10ml


Three different formats are available lyophilised, liquid or liquid frozen

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