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Evidence - Biochip Immunoassay Analysers

Biochip Immunoassay Analysers - Multiplex Testing

Biochip Array Technology (BAT) is an innovative assay technology for multi-analyte screening of biological samples in a rapid, accurate and easy to use format. With FDA approval for BAT and Randox’s Drugs of Abuse biochip arrays, users can have confidence in proven transformational platform analysers, reagents and procedures.

The multi-analyte approach has benefits beyond time and cost savings, which are vital in the drive towards increasing efficiencies and improved clinical performance.  Traditional diagnosis takes the form of single analyte assays, even though several are usually required, thus increasing sample volumes, possibly requiring multiple patient attendance and increasing the time before diagnosis. A multi-analyte assay will reduce patient discomfort, as many related tests can be run at once, negating the need for multiple patient sampling. Multiple markers also give a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition, so providing an accurate and rapid diagnosis. This in turn will lead to better patient care.

The surface chemistry of the biochip and the analysis platforms allow BAT to be used with a range of patient samples, from whole blood, serum, saliva, urine and tissue biopsy, depending on the biochip assay under study. In addition, Randox biochips can be used to detect proteins/antigens, DNA and RNA, so covering the whole diagnostic spectrum.

Applications of Biochip Array Technology

Randox provide four transformational platform immunoassay analysers:

Each is suited to a different setting – find out which one is your perfect match by reading more!

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