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Antioxidant Products

Free radicals are defined as chemical species that possess one or more unpaired electrons.

Free radical attack has been linked to numerous pathological conditions in all organs of the body, such as cancer, diabetes, infertility, cardiovascular disease, lung, liver and renal disease, inflammatory and infectious conditions, ageing and neurological disorders.

The level of antioxidant protection may account for an individual's ability to fight disease.

A range of antioxidant tests is currently available from Randox including enzymes and Total Antioxidant Status (TAS). The Randox range of antioxidant kits are manufactured under rigorous quality control procedures. All Randox kits are developed to the highest specifications and conform to international standards. All Randox tests are easy to use and have been developed for use on most clinical chemistry analysers.

Let Randox Antioxidant Products complete your research jigsaw

Clinical Research
Laboratory evidence indicates that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent the development of diseases such as cancer.

Sports Research
Sports professionals need a strong antioxidant defence system to help minimise free radical damage during exercise.

Veterinary Research
Selenium deficient animals can develop white muscle disease, which left untreated is life threatening.

Food & Beverages
Assess the antioxidant capacity of food stuffs and their effects on humans and animals.

Moisturisers and cosmetic formulas containing antioxidants can help protect skin from free radical damage.

Pharmaceutical Research
Help determine antioxidant levels in clinical trials at each stage of the drug development process.

Randox antioxidant products can help in all of the above

Total Antioxidant Status (TAS)
Only commercially available kit to give an overall indication of antioxidant status
A quick and cost effective alternative with results in under 5 minutes from a sample of 5µL
Applicable to countless disease states
Compatible on 42 analysers as well as manual use
Large number of research papers published using this method

RANSEL (Glutathione Peroxidase and selenium status)
Measure & Monitor Selenium deficiency, nutritional disorders
Strong Veterinary applications, white muscle disease, infertility
Convenient and cost effective method (Total assay time 5mins) with a variety of kit sizes

RANSOD (Superoxide Dismutase analysis)
Measure & Monitor SOD levels, abnormal levels in various diseases
Easy to use and cost effective method
Excellent stability of reagents
Fast results

Glutathione Reductase
Can be carried out on serum or plasma
Simple two shot assay
Can be used for screening of various disease states (cystic fibrosis, liver disease, infective hepatitis)

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