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New Diagnostic Products from Randox

New Products

Liquid Tumour Marker Control

The new Acusera multi-analyte Liquid Tumour Marker Control covers a total of 15 commonly tested and esoteric cancer antigens and tumour markers. The inclusion of assayed, instrument specific target values enables laboratories to effectively monitor both accuracy and precision.

The Liquid Tumour Marker Control includes:

Liquid ready-to-use

As a liquid control, it is highly convenient, requiring no preparation. Liquid stable controls eliminate the need for reconstitution and also reduce the amount of human handling necessary. The user friendly 6 x 3ml pack size and open vial stability of 30 days at +2 – 8oC for all analytes listed, significantly helps to minimise waste and keep running costs low.

100% human

The serum is 100% human in origin, as with all Randox immunoassay controls, providing a matrix similar to the patient sample in addition to reducing antibody cross reactivity and the possibility of control values shifting when reagent batch is changed.

Third Party

As a true third party control, laboratories can use the Acusera Liquid Tumour Marker Control to independently assess analytical performance. Fully assayed, instrument specific target values and ranges are provided for many common chemistry and immunoassay systems.


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