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Lipoprotein(a) Assay

Our highly successful Lipoprotein (a) test is the only method in the world to accurately and reliably measure Lp(a), it is not affected by Apo (a) size related bias like most other methods.

Features of Randox Lipoprotein(a) Assay

Elevated Lp(a) concentration in plasma is an independent genetic marker correlating with increased risk of atherosclerotic disorders including myocardial and cerebral infarction. Levels are also elevated in nephritic syndrome, patients undergoing renal dialysis, patients with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

In June 2010, the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) published a consensus paper on Lp(a), recommending its widespread use as a screening tool in those at intermediate or high risk of cardiovascular disease. Click here to view the paper. Click here to view the paper.

What is Lipoprotein(a) : Lp(a)?

Guidelines on Lp(a)

Recent years have seen major scientific advances in the understanding of Lp(a) and its causal role in premature CVD.

Elevated Lp(a) levels associate robustly and specifically with increased CVD risk. This association is continuous in shape and does not depend on high levels of LDL or non-HDL cholesterol, nor the presence of other CVD risk factors. Lp(a) levels, like elevated LDL, is causally related to premature development of atherosclerosis and CVD.

Table I Comparison of evidence supporting the contention that elevated LDL cholesterol and elevated Lp(a) each cause cardiovascular disease4

Assay details Elevated LDL cholesterol Elevated Lp(a)
Human epidemiology Direct association in numerous studies Direct association in numerous studies
Human genetic studies Direct association in numerous studies,e.g. familial hypercholesterolaemia Direct association in numerous studies,e.g. for kringle IV type 2 polymorphism
Mechanistic studies Mechanism clearly demonstrated: LDLaccumulates in intima and causes atherosclerosis Mechanism similar to that for LDL cholesteroland/or prothrombotic/anti-fibrinolync effects
Animal models Proatherogenic effect in numerous studies Proatherogenic effect in numerous studies
Human intervention trials Statin trials gave final proof of causality Niacin trials are favourable

Randox Lp(a) assay details (High Performance Reagents)

Lipoprotein (a)Mean (mg/dl) Mean % CV n
Intra-assayprecision 21.0 1.63 20
51.5 1.53 20
83.05 2.40 20
Inter-assayprecision 24.19 3.11 20
32.58 3.52 20
50.48 2.83 20
Product Description Size Cat. No.
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